Alumni Reunion for PUMC Centennial Celebrations in Washington D. C. Area


On September 28, 2017, President Xuetao Cao, Vice President Zhongwei Zheng (Executive Deputy President of PUMC Alumni Association), Dean’s Office Vice Director (PUMC Alumni Association Vice President) were attending the U.S.-China Healthcare Cooperation Symposium in Washington D.C., as well as nearly 30 alumni of the Greater Washington Area, held an activity for promoting friendship.

Zheng presided over the reunion and introduced the status quo of the alumni association of PUMC. The leaders and alumni of CAMS&PUMC introduced themselves. Guodong Fang, former President of the alumni association at the Greater D.C. area, on behalf of the alumna, made a speech. He reviewed affectionately the teachings and help of his teachers including Jiasi Huang, Xiaoqian Zhang, Qi Fang, Weici Luo, and Aixia Wang, saying that he will always keep in mind the education received from PUMC. President Xuetao Cao introduced the centennial celebration of PUMC and the recent development of CAMS&PUMC, thanked the alumni for their great supports, and encouraged everyone to continue to make contributions to the motherland and PUMC at their respective work posts. Particularly, he introduced CAMS&PUMC’s recent global recruitments for outstanding talents, hoping to attract overseas excellent talents to work in PUMC, fully leverage the leading role of excellent talents, and stimulate the vigor of talent innovation to the greatest extent.

After Zheng’s speech, CAMS&PUMC’s leaders presented those who failed to attend the celebration with souvenirs. The representatives of alumni communicated and took photos with the leaders in a harmonious atmosphere. The reunion brought overseas alumni with cordial greetings and unforgettable memories.

Before the reunion, the leaders of CAMS&PUMC and all participating alumni took a group photo. Ming Liu, President of the PUMC Alumni Association of at the Greater D.C. area, brought a flag of PUMC that he had treasured for years to the site of the reunion.


Additional information:

There are many prestigious universities in Washington DC and its surrounding areas, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), John Hopkins School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Georgetown University Medical College, The George Washington University Medical College, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Army Medical Center, and the U.S. Naval Hospital. Many alumni of the PUMC in North America cluster in Washington D.C. PUMC's alumni founded voluntarily an alumni association in the Greater D.C. in 1995, aiming to strengthen contacts, friendship and communications amongst the alumni, facilitate the alumni to help each other in work, learning and life, and serves as a bond with PUMC. The North America PUMC Alumni Association is now in preparation and is expected to officially found at the beginning of the next year, and plans to organize fellowship activities and academic forums at regular intervals.


 (PUMC Alumni Association)