CAMS&PUMC Strengthens Technical Cooperation with Fondation Mérieux


September 13-15, President Xuetao Cao was invited to visit Fondation Mérieux in France to attend the 2017 annual conference of the Executive Committee and the Academic Committee of Christopher Merier Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as CML), a lab jointly established by the two sides. The participants to the meeting listened to the report made by CML Director Jianwei Wang on the work of the laboratory in 2017 and discussed about and approved the work plan for 2018. The two sides agreed to continue to carry out the original research plan and jointly promote the research cooperation in Mali, Africa.


After the conference, Cao attended the ceremony for renewal of the cooperation agreement with Fondation Mérieux. Fondation Mérieux Director General Benoit Miribel and CML Laboratory Director Jianwei Wang who represented by Pathogen Biology Institute Director Qi Jin signed the agreement. President Xuetao Cao and Fondation Mérieux President Alain Merieux witnessed the signing ceremony.


Cao pointed out in his speech that, the two sides cooperated with each other smoothly since the agreement was signed in 2005 for the first time. It is the third time for the two sides to renew the agreement. Over the past 12 years of cooperation, CML played a good role in scientific research, talent training, technology commercialization and technical supports for emergencies related to public health, etc., making important contributions to promoting scientific researches on infectious diseases and prevention and control of new and sudden infectious diseases, and set an example for international friendly cooperation in terms of medical science and technologies. Next, the two sides will take the opportunity of renewing the agreement, on the basis of the cooperation between the two sides in Africa’s Mali, give greater support to each other, and expand the scientific and technological cooperation in prevention and control of infectious diseases.


President Xuetao Cao was invited to participate in the ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Fondation Mérieux and made a report at the symposium themed enhancing the capabilities of prevention from and control of infectious diseases in developing countries, introducing scientific research, relevant practices and achievements of China in the field of prevention from and control of infectious diseases since 2003. “Infectious diseases know no boundary, so we must strengthen international scientific and technological cooperation and join hands for common development, and it is the path we need to take to meet the severe challenges brought by infectious diseases in the future,” said Cao, “we are willing to take the opportunity of the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, keep expanding practical scientific & technological cooperation with developing countries, and make contributions to promoting global health.


During the conference, Cao was invited to visit the head office of the World Health Organization (WHO) and met Dr. Minghui Ren, Assistant Director-General of the WHO, who introduced WHO’s work in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and emerging infectious diseases to Cao, and the two sides talked about the possibilities of cooperation in the future.÷ 




 Fondation Mérieux Director General Benoit Miribel (front left) and Researcher Jianwei Wang sign the agreement,

President Xuetao Cao and President Alain Merieux (rear left) witness the signing 




President Xuetao Cao presents a gift to Mr. Alain Merieux for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Fondation Mérieux 




President Xuetao Cao delivers a speech at Fondation Mérieux’s seminar on capability building for prevention and control of infectious diseases 


 (Department of Research Administration)