PUMC 2019 Graduation Ceremony Held 1,339 Students Granted Degrees and Embark on a New Journey




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At the height of the summer, PUMC students are about to graduate. On the morning of July 9, 2019, the 2019 graduation & degree awarding ceremony of PUMC was held at Beijing Capital Theatre. Present at the ceremony were nearly 2,000 persons, including Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering and CAMS&PUMC President Chen Wang, Party Secretary Peixin Wu, Vice President Qing Li, Vice President Shuyang Zhang, Deputy Party Secretary Longshan Yao, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, Vice President Qin Zhang, Vice President Jianwei Wang, Tsinghua University Vice President Bin Yang, CAS/CAE academicians at CAMS&PUMC, representatives of teachers and students, as well as friends and relatives of graduates, who had witnessed in a solemn and warm atmosphere the glorious moment of over 1,300 graduates and extended best wishes to them. The ceremony was presided over by CAMS&PUMC Party Secretary Peixin Wu.




A Grand Graduation Ceremony

It is the first time for PUMC to held a graduation ceremony at the Beijing Capital Theatre. The arrangement profoundly interpreted PUMC’s core value of “Science Benefits Mankind” and formed a thick cultural atmosphere. The ceremony was decorated with PUMC elements such as ginkgo trees, white marble handrails and the No.9 courtyard with green tiles and gray walls, creating a strong atmosphere of PUMC.

A short film was played at the ceremony to recall graduates' memories of their experience at PUMC, and it was truly a memoir with laughter and tears for them.

The Swift Chorus performed the "The Ode to PUMC" with deep feelings, expressing the responsibilities of medical workers and graduates' sentimental attachments to PUMC. Amid the melodious song, outstanding graduates entered the venue wearing academic costumes and holding “Wenhai Medal”, which symbolizes the commendation to their excellent academic performance, reproducing the classic scene of the graduation ceremony of Centennial PUMC.

Everyone stood up to play or sing the national anthem, raising the curtain of the graduation ceremony.




Do Our Outmost to Achieve Glory and Dream

Vice President Qing Li announced the academic degree evaluation results of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for 2019, granting 186 graduates with the bachelor's degree, 601 with master's degree, and 552 with doctoral degree. Deputy Secretary Longshan Yao read the decision on commending outstanding graduates for 2019, granting 69 graduates with the honorary title of “Outstanding Graduate of Colleges and Universities in Beijing for 2019” and 138 with honorary titles “Outstanding Graduate of PUMC for 2019”. CAMS&PUMC leaders presented prizes to representative of outstanding graduates.






Graduates' thanksgiving to PUMC

Yumiao He (a doctoral student receiving eight-year clinical medical education), Siqi Yang (an undergraduate student of the School of Nursing) and Tianqi Liu (a doctoral student of the Institute of Materia Medica) make speeches as graduates' representatives.




Sincere entrustments from teachers

Zhengyu Jin, Dean of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine makes a speech, as a teacher's graduate.




Sincere wishes from alumni

Professor Hong Li talks about her experience in and inspiration from work. She is a representative of outstanding alumni, a graduate from the School of Nursing in 2003, Vice President of Fujian Provincial Hospital and Dean of the School of Nursing of Fujian Medical University, and winner of the Nightingale Medal for 2019.




President's message

CAMS&PUMC President Chen Wang delivers a speech on behalf of CAMS&PUMC.        




Catching dreams: embarking a new journey after graduation

The chorus of the Cancer Hospital and the Institute of Laboratory Animal Science sang a song "Graduate" to express their deep love for PUMC and wished the graduates of 2019 a bright future.

Leaders present at the subsequent academic degree granting ceremony turned the tassel for graduates, granted academic degree to and took a photo with them.



President Chen Wang turns the tassel for graduates



 Party Secretary Peixin Wu turns the tassel for graduates



Vice President Qing Li turns the tassel for graduates



Vice President Shuyang Zhang turns the tassel for graduates



Deputy Secretary Longshan Yao turns the tassel for graduates



Deputy Secretary Yunfeng Wang turns the tassel for graduates



Vice President Qin Zhang turns the tassel for graduates



Vice President Jianwei Wang turns the tassel for graduates



Tsinghua University Vice President Bin Yang turns the tassel for graduates




























Text/Cuifeng Gao, Haisheng Liu

Photo/Tonglin Luan, Zhichen Guo, Yi Qi