Minutes of the 13th Life-Themed Memorial Event at Evergreen Garden — Wordless Mentors and Evergreen Life


On the morning of March 30, 2019, led by Yunfeng Wang, Deputy Party Secretary of CAMS & PUMC, Chao Ma, Head of the Department of Human Anatomy and Histoembryology and Vice President of Beijing Anatomy Society, and some departmental teachers, 76 Grade-2016 eight-year clinical medicine students with CAMS & PUMC and more than 10 families of voluntary donors of human body participated in the 13th Life-Themed Memorial Event at Evergreen Garden co-sponsored by Beijing Red Cross Society and Beijing Anatomy Society.



Student representatives read the eulogy “Lighting up Life” — To Wordless Mentors with emotion.


The event was hosted by CAMS & PUMC, bringing together 600 persons at Evergreen Garden, including teachers and students from six medical colleges and universities, such as Peking University Health Science Center, Capital Medical University (CMU), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing Health Vocational College, and Yanjing Medical College under the CMU, people from all walks of life, and family members and friends of body donors. They expressed their gratitude and admiration for the donors.



Yunfeng Wang, Deputy Party Secretary of CAMS & PUMC, delivers a speech.


Voluntary donors of human remains are called “wordless mentors” or “body donors” by the medical community. They broke through the shackles of traditional ideas and guided generations of medical students with their own bodies to explore medicine. They have no chance to see the beautiful spring scenery at this moment, but they have guarded the spring of life for countless later generations.


Xinyuan Cao, one Grade-2016 eight-year medical student with CAMS & PUMC, spoke on behalf of all medical students in Beijing.


At the beginning of the memorial ceremony, representatives of all participating units presented baskets of flowers to wordless mentors and observed a moment of silence to express their grief and admiration. Twelve students from six medical schools and universities read the eulogy “Lighting up Life” — To Wordless Mentors with warmth. Of them, there were two students on behalf of CAMS & PUMC, namely, Shubin Lei and Yujia Zhang.



A group photo of teachers and students with CAMS & PUMC and representatives of the families of volunteers donating their bodies.


Afterward, Qing Xu, a representative of families of donors, expressed her deep thoughts on her mother who had donated her body to PUMC as well as thinking and entrustment on the body donation. Xinyuan Cao, a 2016-level eight-year medical student from the university, spoke on behalf of all medical students in Beijing, expressing her respect for wordless mentors and her determination to live up to the great trust. Yunfeng Wang, Deputy Party Secretary of CAMS & PUMC, spoke on behalf of the leaders and teachers of Beijing’s medical colleges and universities. He first expressed his highest respect and sincere gratitude to the donors and their families, reviewed the history of PUMC's voluntary body donation center since its establishment in 1999, and put forward three expectations of “gratitude, cherishment, and dedication” for medical students. Afterward, leaders of Beijing Anatomy Society and Beijing Red Cross Society spoke separately to thank and remember the voluntary donors for their selfless dedication, announcing that Beijing Red Cross Society's on-line memorial services for human body donors were officially launched. Finally, family members of donors and teachers and students from medical colleges paid floral tribute to body donors and outlined their names in golden color.

The memorial meeting is not only to recall body donors who made selfless contributions to medical anatomy but also to inspire teachers and students who are at the forefront of medical education and learning. Teachers and students with CAMS & PUMC will live up to the entrustment of all voluntary donors and shoulder the mission of inheriting and improving medical sciences, so as to contribute to the prosperity of medicine and the everlasting life.

(Dean’s Office)