Grade-2016 Students with Eight-Year Clinical Medicine Program Hold Opening Ceremony of Human Anatomy Lab Course


On the morning of March 12, 2019, the opening ceremony of Human Anatomy Lab Course for Grade-2016 clinical medical students was held in the Anatomy Laboratory of No. 2 Building in No. 9 Yard, Dongdan 3rd Alley. Present at the ceremony were Vice President Qin Zhang, Deputy Director Ping Yang of Dean's Office, and teachers, all students and their class advisors from the Department of Human Anatomy and Histoembryology.


The commencement ceremony is one of the fine traditions of anatomy teaching in PUMC, pays high tribute to body donors (note: the “body donor” refers to human specimens for teachers and students to learn anatomy). Chao Ma, Head of the Department of Human Anatomy and Histoembryology, presided over the opening ceremony. He encouraged students to always remember these wordless body donors, respect them through their practical action, and live up to the spirit of the departed donors by learning in a diligent and rigorous fashion.




Leaders and teachers from CAMS & PUMC presented students with white gowns, the symbol of medical students. Xinyuan Cao, one Grade-2016 eight-year clinical medical student, on behalf of the students, thanked body donors for their selfless dedication and most generous trust. He said that he would never fail to live up to their deepest expectations, firmly grasp every knowledge point, learn professional knowledge, and take every solid step of the way to study medicine.




Vice President Qin Zhang said that the commencement ceremony was a quality education class, hoping all students are aware of the white gown awarding ceremony marking the beginning of the growth of a future doctor. He also encouraged the students to cherish the rare learning opportunity and repay body donors’ selfless dedication with professional knowledge by citing the sentence “if he sends me papaya, I will return his beautiful jade” from the Book of Songs. Afterward, Vice President Zhang required the students to build up good medical ethics on the basis of increasing their talents and become an excellent medical worker with both ability and moral integrity by quoting the sentence “morality and talent reinforce each other” from Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government.


Finally, all the teachers and students presented holy chrysanthemums to these body donors,bowing three times and standing in silent tribute one minute.


(The Institute of Basic Medical Sciences)