CAMS&PUMC Leaders Visit Front-line Medical Staff before the Spring Festival


As the Spring Festival was approaching, on the morning of January 31, 2019, President Chen Wang, Deputy Party Secretary Longshan Yao, Deputy Party Secretary Yunfeng Wang, and Vice President Qin Zhang visited four hospitals in Beijing to express their greetings. On behalf of CAMS&PUMC, they sent their best wishes and greetings to all medical staff who held onto their posts during the festival. 






CAMS&PUMC leaders visit PUMC’s Emergency Department


Accompanied by hospital leaders, CAMS&PUMC leaders visited the Plastic Surgery Hospital, Fuwai Hospital, Cancer Hospital, and PUMC Hospital successively. Everywhere, the leaders visited the front-line work areas such as outpatient service, emergency department, and wards, listened to work reports of leaders of various hospitals, and inquired about the medical treatment, nursing, safety, and other work conditions during the festival.






CAMS&PUMC leaders visit the Emergency Department of Fuwai Hospital


“Happy New Year to everyone!” “Everyone is working hard!” Greetings allowed the medical staff to feel warm. CAMS&PUMC leaders talked with everyone warmly and spoke highly of their selfless dedication in giving up the family reunion and holding to their posts during the Spring Festival. They also presented gifts and blessings for the Spring Festival to frontline medical staff members. The leaders hoped that the hospital leadership team would proactively make arrangements in culture, disciplines, management, and talents to enhance the core competitiveness and boost the development of the hospital to a new high.






CAMS&PUMC leaders visit a ward of Cancer Hospital


Medical workers in all hospitals thanked CAMS&PUMC leaders for their care and greetings, saying that they would redouble their efforts to fulfill their duties to provide patients with better and more convenient diagnosis and treatment services so as to contribute to improving medical services of CAMS&PUMC.






CAMS&PUMC leaders greet the Medical Staff of Outpatient Service of the Plastic Surgery Hospital



 (Article by Cuifeng Gao and photo by Lin Tong)